BCm Pulse 

Our Pulse solution is designed to ensure optimal Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) as well as  efficient business continuity management (BCM) during the current COVID-19 pandemic, future pandemics, and other shocks to the health system. 


Currently there are no OHS and BCM solutions, which assess the full value-chain of COVID-19 infection and transmission (from home to work and back).  

The PULSE SOLUTION uses a robust technology platform and applied data analytics to assess risk at both employee and organisational levels and provides useful tools to manage and ensure employee health, productivity, business continuity and OHS compliance.

Organisations are able to understand their risk exposure across the full value chain of home, social, transport, comorbidities, and workplace. This informs investment in focused interventions that reduce the impact of COVID-19 on employee health and therefore maintenance of  business operations and productivity.

Organizations are able to dynamically monitor both the risks of COVID-19 and effectiveness of control implementation through using:

  • Live Web Portal dashboards reflecting key indicators of risk exposure and management controls 

  • Applied risk analysis based on employee comorbidity profiles, individual risk assessment and general workplace risk assessment.

  • Predictive analysis of transmission spread based on employee and organisation risk profiles

  • Use of existing mobile technology (Blue Tooth) to ensure compliance with physical distancing in the workplace

  • Use of Blue Tooth to ensure correct placement of employees, according to COVID-19 and other risk profiles in the workplace; and to inform contact tracing and business cleaning.

  • Practical and useful updates and communication to employees – concerned and proactive employers will have a positive on impact employee morale.

  • Overall reduced impact of COVID-19 on business productivity


Organisations are able to share employee health information digitally through our system Integration with NIOH. This ensures businesses are compliant with OHSA and government regulations on COVID-19.

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